Government and the University Support for Ukrainians

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Important information regarding the applications for Government support and KU grants for applicants coming from Ukraine:

Please be informed that Ukrainian citizens who have graduated from schools in Lithuania and have passed at least three Governmental exams (Lithuanian language, Mathematics, and one additional exam) are eligible to apply for Government support. In this case, applicants are required to apply via the LAMA BPO system ( If the applicant is exempt from the Lithuanian exam, the final annual evaluation of the Lithuanian language and two additional Governmental exams will be considered. The requirements for admissions to Klaipeda University are provided here:

If you have graduated from a school not in Lithuania but in Ukraine, you need to apply via the system and provide your atestat, marks, and NMT test results along with other required documents (requirements are here: Klaipeda University provides grants for the top 11 applicants from Eastern Partnership countries and Kazakhstan who are applying for Bachelor’s degrees. The applicants’ scores will be calculated based on final marks and the NMT test (ZNO test).

If you do not win a grant, you will need to write a request to the Klaipėda University rector, who will personally review all requests and decide on the discount for the applicants.

7 Jun 2024