EU-CONEXUS coworking space to open at Klaipeda University

Photo illustrating the news item

At 4 June 2024, Klaipeda University (KU) opened its new smart coworking space EU-CONEXUS (European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability), which is designed for both work and leisure. The new space will allow students and members of the university community to gather, work, and relax. It is expected to be the birthplace of many new ideas and important research papers.

The EU-CONEXUS space will be available 24/7 to students and the entire university community. It is equipped with 8 individual workstations and a space for group work. Modern conferencing and live streaming equipment as well as access to KU library databases are available there.

Predictably, university staff and students will spend many hours here, so there are lounge areas as well. These areas were accommodated with furniture for relaxation and a reading corner, where KU community has brought a variety of books and publications. There is a lounge area, where visitors can have a snack, coffee or tea.

Prof. Dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, the Rector of KU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rima Mickevičienė, the Institutional Coordinator of EU-CONEXUS, and Augustas Andruška, the President of KU Student Union, opened the EU-CONEXUS space at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“Students needed a common space, where they could share ideas, study, and work on new projects. I believe that many important friendships, individual and group projects, and investigator-driven research will be born here,” Prof. Dr. A. Razbadauskas, the Rector of KU, welcomed everyone.

The importance of KU’s membership in the European University Alliance was emphasized by Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Mickevičienė, the Institutional Coordinator of EU-CONEXUS. According to the coordinator, the new space will encourage closer cooperation between students and lecturers of the Alliance.

“I believe that in this long-awaited space, we will be able to present the initiatives that students and lecturers come up with not only to members of our community, but also to schools and other social partners. Feel free to use this infrastructure to interact with the students of the Alliance partners”, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Mickevičienė.

Paulius Vaitiekus, President of the Lithuanian National Union of Students, congratulated Klaipeda University on behalf of the students from all over the country and said that spaces like this make common cause for people to create, research, and develop together.

“Coworking space is a step forward. Let this space be a beacon for the whole community, let brilliant ideas be born here, let amazing final projects see the light here,” P. Vaitiekus greeted everyone.

Besides Klaipeda University, the EU-CONEXUS Alliance represents 8 other European partner universities. Belonging to the Alliance is of particular significance, as it is an integrated transnational higher education and research institution working on smart urban sustainable coastal development.

7 Jun 2024