KU to inroduce a new Dance Sport specilization: to train not only performers but also coaches and teachers

Photo illustrating the news item

Last month the new Dance Sport specialization for the Leisure Sports studies bachelor’s degree program was presented during a press conference at Klaipėda University. After a 10-year break, the University aims to bring back the champion spirit of dance sport and to train professionals in this field. The unique feature of the new specialization offered by the University is that graduates will not only be able to pursue a career as performers, but also as coaches or teachers.

Prof. Dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of KU, is very excited about the new specialization starting in September and hopes that the newly trained professionals in this field will give publicity to the University, Klaipėda, and Lithuania as a whole.

“New academic programs emerge due to demand. We witnessed the interest of young people, who want to become dance sport specialists and to get qualified teacher status that would allow them to work in schools,” says Prof. Dr. A. Razbadauskas.

The criteria to apply to the Dance Sport specialization are really attractive: there is no admission examination and 0.4 competitive score is added for sports achievements. Students are provided with good sports facilities and can pay less for their studies as a result of high sports achievements. Students benefit from a really good study timetable and a flexible academic advising schedule.

“This is a four-year Leisure Sports studies bachelor’s program, while the Dance Sport specialization starts in the second year, third course of studies. We have combined both dance and sport specialists in creating this program. We have strong educators, medical specialists. Physiology, anatomy, injury prevention, and psychology are also very important in this program, and all of this is integrated into the study program. We, the lecturers at Klaipėda University, are responsible for these subjects, while the dance sport subjects fall within the sphere of Dance Sport Federation’s competence,” explains Prof. Dr. A. Šarkauskienė.

Students, who choose the Dance Sport specialization for the Leisure Sports study program, will develop both standard and Latin American dance skills. Graduates of the Dance Sport specialization will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and a teaching qualification. They will be able to work as coaches and teachers.

Paulius Sangavičius, Vice-President of the Dance Sport Federation, says that cooperation between the Federation and the University is of utmost importance. The Federation feels a great need for coaches and teachers in the field of dance sport. Meanwhile, the Federation will also offer students traineeship and further training opportunities.

“We are committed to providing traineeship for prospective students. The Federation unites about 80 dance sport clubs, so we really have something to offer. The Federation organizes seminars and congresses for coaches and judges. It is really interesting and useful to take part in them, because the lectures are often given by teachers from abroad,” says P. Sangavičius.

Klaipeda University has long been known worldwide for the legendary Žuvėdra dance sport team. KU Academy of Arts has trained professional dancers. The legendary team no longer exists since 2014, and after the university reform, when KU Academy of Arts was merged with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, studies discontinued as well.

“At the moment KU dance sport team already exists, and we hope that when the Dance Sport specialization starts at the University, the future male students will join Danė team. Then we will be able to expand and create something similar to the legendary Žuvėdra team,” says T. Romeika, the leader and coach of KU Danė dance team.

7 Jun 2024