Important information for international students

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1. We expect the new arrivals to come to University on about 1st September as self-isolation for 14 days will be a must. We expect you to come in groups as we will arrange a pick up from the airport.
2. The classes will start on 14th September, 2020.
3. Before the arrival students need to contact Student‘s Office via e-mail: and inform about arrival details, decision where he/she will spend self-isolation period (dormitory, hotel, private apartment) The options for living are as follows:

Klaipeda University student dormitory, address: Statybininkų ave. 43, Klaipėda, paying for accommodation in a dormitory according to the approved dormitory rates (120 EUR as deposit, 65 EUR for one month of living, totally 185 EUR. Out of 120 EUR will be deducted meals cost 5 EUR per day for lunch and snack in the evening, total amount for meals for 14 days 70 EUR). Students who do not want to order lunch and dinner need to inform Studies Office separately. The self-isolation service in the dormitory will be provided until 1 October 2020.
Hotel Ibis Styles Klaipėda Aurora, Nemuno str. 51, Klaipėda, according to the concluded cooperation agreement No. BS-N-016, for accommodation and meals (3 times a day) at own expense. Price: 560 EUR for 14 days.
in an apartment rented at your own expense.

4. The student will be picked up by University transport at the airport or bus station and driven to the dormitory or hotel or apartment for self-isolation. We will tell the prices for picking up the student from the airport to Klaipėda as prices varies depending on how many people are arriving, to which airport and if a pick up will be organised by Klaipėda University or we will hire another company. That is why it is very important to inform us about your arrival.
5. Foreign citizens coming to Klaipeda University from COVID-19 affected countries, from which self-isolation is obligatory, must register with the National Center for Public Health under the Ministry of Health within 24 hours by filling in a questionnaire
6. For foreign citizens for whom self-isolation is obligatory due to COVID-19 disease, and cases of COVID-19 exceeds 25 cases for 100 000 citizens it is a must to hold a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, which must be done not earlier than 72 hours before arrival. Rest students will need to do a test here at Klaipėda University hospital (same or next day after arrival). If self isolation is not needed for a student, then student will remain isolated while gets a negative test result.

Hereby are the list of affected countries:

Students will be able to order products online:
After self-isolation the new arrival is expected to visit Studies Office for signing an agreement. Studies office is located at Main Campus, H. Manto 84 (Senate building, III floor, 305 cabinet);

1. All students need to pay deposit for the dormitory total amount of 185 EUR. Payment details are attached. It will not be possible to pay upon arrival.
2. The students seeking for a degree must have their original education documents and provide to Studies Office after self isolation.
3. We highly recommend to degree seeking students bring valid non criminal records from the countries you lived the last two years (validity not less than 3 months) verified by Apostille or at Ministry of foreign affairs.
4. Erasmus students need to bring European health insurance card;
5. For Erasmus students might be cases they will need to change subjects upon arrival as there might not be formed groups and subjects might not be held. So please keep that in notice before you come here!

3 Sept 2020